Joel Barragan-Macias started in the food industry in 2013. After losing over 100lbs just by learning about food density and nutritional value, his passion for food came alive. Once Joel finished his 10 years in the military, Joel immediately enrolled himself in culinary school. Joel wanted to learn about every cuisine/technique used to cook in the kitchen. Joel worked in various restaurants like the great "Chez Panisse" learning different cuisines/techniques for 6 years. Joel learned that healthy food does not have to be boring. However, Joel knew he wanted to do more by helping people eat the right way, and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Joel knew he wanted to be more knowledgeable and credible. So, Joel obtain his B.S. Nutrition and Dietetics. That is when Freedom "New"trition was born. Joel is currently enrolled at University of Texas to obtain his M.D.S. as a Registered Dietitian.